Day Tours in Galapagos.

A day tour in Galapagos is an adventure that you will always remember. Visits to these islands are made only by day trips departing from Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal and Isabela islands. These excursions are done aboard a yacht and have various activities such as: walks, snorkeling, experiential fishing, and you can also admire landscapes, volcanoes, birds, land and marine animals, and unique flora only found in Galapagos. Tours of 4, 5 or more days visit: Tours to Galapago.

Yacht sailing and behind is a Galapagos island

Tours from
Santa Cruz Island.

Being in the middle of the Galapagos map, Santa Cruz island provides easy access to several islands such as: Bartolomé, North Seymour, Santa Fé, and Pinzón.

Bartolome Island

Get to know the magnificent landscapes offered by Bartolomé island and its iconic Pinnacle. Enjoy snorkeling with colorful fish, sharks and penguins.
Activities: Excursion and Snorkeling.
From $224 per person.

North Seymour Island

Seymour Island is home to birds such as male red-chested frigates, blue-footed boobies, and yellow land iguanas.
Activities: Excursion and Snorkeling.
From $210 per person.

Tour to
Pinzon Island.

Here you can enjoy snorkeling with sea turtles, and Galapagos sharks, and in cold weather you can swim with the penguins.
Activities: Snorkeling and Experiential Fishing.
From $110 per person.

Tour to
Santa Fe Island.

Here you can play and snorkel with sea lions because the island has one of the largest sea lion colonies. In addition you can see fish and sea turtles.
Activities: Snorkeling and experiential fishing.
From $110 per person.

Tours from
San Cristobal Island.

Take a plane or a two hour ferry ride from Santa Cruz island to the beautiful San Cristóbal island. From here you can easily access the famous Kicker Rock or do the 360 tour around the island.

Tour to
Kicker Rock.

Kicker Rock is known for having one of the best places for snorkeling, you can see Galapagos sharks, Hammerhead sharks, rays, sea lions, and do some birdwatching.
Activity: Snorkeling.
From $$168 per person.

Tour 360º of San Cristobal.

Get to know all of San Cristóbal Island. You will visit Cerro Brujo, Kicker Rock, beaches, and you can try your hand at experiential fishing.
Activities: Snorkeling and Fishing.
From $182 per person.

Tours from
Isabela Island.

This island is located 2 hours away by ferry from Santa Cruz Island. From here you can do activities such as the excursion to the Sierra Negra volcano and snorkeling in the Tunnels.

Tour to
Los Tuneles, Cabo Rosa.

The volcanic Lava Tunnels is an unforgettable experience. You will be able to see seahorses, penguins, sea turtles, and birds.
Activities: Snorkeling.
From $154 per person.

Sierra Negra Volcano

Get to know the largest active volcano in the Galapagos Islands. Walk on volcanic lava in one of the best places for trekking in South America.
Activity: Hike
From $56 per person.

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