Aerial View of Cerro Brujo on San Cristóbal Island, Galapagos.

Tour 360 San Cristobal Galapagos 2023.

This tour 360 consists of going around the island Cristóbal , where you will see frigate birds, boobies, dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, seagulls, gannets, marine iguanas and many more animals.

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Departure time: 7:30 am.
From: San Cristóbal Island, pier Tiburón Martillo.
Activities: 90% Snorkeling and 10% Walk on the beach.
Duration: 7 hours.
Yacht capacity: 12 people.
Note: Stay 2 nights in Cristóbal.

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$180 Economic Boat.
$200 Standard Boat.
$220 Superior Boat.

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Map of the route of the 360 tour on San Cristóbal Island.

Map of the route of the 360 tour on San Cristóbal Island.

Tiburon Martillo pier.

Travel Itinerary Tour 360 Cristobal

The trip starts at 08:00 am from the Tiburon Martillo Pier. Then we reach Kicker Rock, where you will snorkel and be able to appreciate the sea turtles, Galapagos sharks, Hammerhead sharks, rays, sea turtles and fish.

Lobos marinos en la isla San Cristóbal Galápagos.
Piquero patas azules
Kicker Rock.
Kicker Rock.
snorkeling in Kicker Rock.
snorkeling in Kicker Rock.
Hammerhead Shark
Sea turtle.
Cerro Brujo on the island San Cristóbal Galápagos.

Then there will be a tour of the majestic Cerro Brujo.
You can take a break to relax on the Bahía Sardina beach.

Cerro Brujo
Sardina bay
Sardina bay
Sardina Bay.
Punta Pitt island San Cristóbal.

Continuing with the tour, you will visit Punta Pitt where you will have the opportunity to experience experiential fishing.

experiential fishing.
experiential fishing.
experiential fishing.
Beach Bahía Rosa Blanca.

To end the tour, you will visit the beach Bahía Rosa Blanca where you can snorkel.

If you like sailing and fishing, this is the tour to choose.

Beach Bahía Rosa Blanca.
Beach Bahía Rosa Blanca.
white tip shark
Sea turtle
Beach Bahía Rosa Blanca.
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The tour 360 Cristobal includes:

• Certified Guide (English - Spanish)
• Lunch.
• Snack.
• Water.
• Wetsuit.
• Snorkeling equipment.

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The Tour does not include:

• Sodas.
• Tips.

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