Daphne Galápagos Island.

Daphne Island Tour 2024

On this trip to Daphne Island you can snorkel in the waters of Daphne Island or "drowned stone" and rest in Borrero Bay. This island has a great variety of fauna such as sea lions, tropical fish, rays, starfish, and sea turtles, in addition to be able to practice experiential fishing and much more. Daphne Island is located north of Santa Cruz Island. Daphne Major Island is 0.32 squared km.

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Departure time: 08:00 am.
From: Puerto Ayora - Santa Cruz island.
Activities: 90% Snorkeling and 10% Walk on the beach.
Duration: 6 - 7 hours.
Navigation: 45 minutes per route.
Yacht capacity: 12 people.
Includes: Full wetsuit.

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$145 Economic Boat.
$170 Standard Yacht.

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Map of the route of the tour to daphne island.

Map with the route of the tour to Daphne Island.

Yacht sailing to Daphne Island.

Daphne Island Travel Itinerary:

The boat guide will pick you up at the hotel to take you from Puerto Ayora to the Itabaca Channel; this leg of the journey takes 35 minutes. You will then board a boat that will take you to Daphne Island.

Fishing rod

Experiential Fishing:

While traveling to Daphne Island you can enjoy experiential fishing with experts in the field. The captain will give the order to place the fishing rods into the sea, and with a bit of luck, you will be able to fish for tuna.

Person fishing.
Person fishing a tuna.
Piedra ahogada in Galapagos island.

NOTE: The snorkeling activity will take place in Piedra ahogada or Daphne Mayor.

"Piedra ahogada":
This rock is located about 30 minutes by boat from the Itabaca Channel. Various birds such as pelicans, blue-footed boobies, and Nazca boobies perch there. You can also see many sea lions.

Several birds on Piedra ahogada in Galapagos.
Nazca booby.
Blue footed booby.
People snorkeling in Piedra ahogada Galapagos.

You will be able to snorkel in "Drowned Stone" and observe sea lions, white or black tip sharks, and sea turtles.

There, you can find manta rays all year round; although it is more likely you will come across them in the cold season, from August to December.

Person snorkeling next to a sea lion.
White tip sharks.
Person snorkeling next to a manta ray.
Sea turtle.
Daphne island
People snorkeling on Daphne Island.

NOTE: The snorkeling activity will take place in Drowned Stone or Daphne Mayor.

Daphne Mayor:
The visitation point is around Daphne Island; there, you can snorkel. Here there are many starfish, black or white tip sharks, sea lions, and sea turtles. On Daphne Island you can see birds nesting such as the Nazca booby, the blue-footed booby, and tropical birds.

Sea stars.
White tip shark.
Sea lions.
Sea turtle
Person snorkeling next to a manta ray.
People having lunch on the boat.

- Lunch on the boat.

Second Snorkeling in Borrero Bay:

The last visitation point is Borrero Bay where you enjoy a short break on the fine sand beach and snorkeling in its crystal clear waters. Around the beach are flying frigate birds and pelicans.

- Enjoy one of the best snorkeling in Galapagos, with little navigation time.

Frigate bird
Borrero bay Galapagos island.
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The tour to Daphne island includes:

• Transportation Hotel - Itabaca Channel - Hotel.
• Certified Guide (English - Spanish)
• Lunch.
• Snacks.
• Full Wetsuit.
• Snorkeling equipment.

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The Tour does not include:

• Sodas.
• Tips.

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