Floreana island Galapagos.

Tour to Floreana Island.

On this tour to Floreana Island in Galapagos you will learn about the history of pirates and the first people who inhabited the islands. You will visit the La Paz Asylum, the pirates' cave, faces made of stone, see varied flora, giant turtles, sea lions, do snorkeling, and take pictures of Floreana’s beautiful landscapes. Floreana Island is 18 km long by 16 km wide, with a population of 100 people.

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Departure time: 7:00 am.
From: Puerto Ayora - Santa Cruz Island.
Activities: 80% Hike and 20% Snorkeling.
Duration: 7 - 8 hours.
Navigation: 2 hours per route.
transportation: Ferry boat.

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$160 per person.

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Map with the route of the tour to Floreana island.

Map with the route of the tour to Floreana island.

Puerto Velasco Ibarra Floreana island.

Travel itinerary to Floreana Island.

- At 07:15 go to the meeting point to transfer to the pier of Puerto Ayora where a guide will be waiting for you to embark on the ferry boat that will take you to Floreana Island. The ride to Floreana island is 2 hours. Upon your arrival at Puerto Velasco Ibarra , you will be welcomed by sea lions and colorful marine iguanas.

Sea lions
Marine iguanas.
Transport called Chiva.

A local transportation called a “chiva” will take you to the upper part of the island. In the 30-minute journey you will be able to observe the different, ever-changing vegetation: from dry and arid to greenish vegetation, full of banana trees, coffee, cocoa, and tropical produce.

Giant tortoises

Accompanied by a guide you will take a walk where you will come across giant tortoises, birds, and see varied flora. Continuing with the tour you will arrive at the rocky base known as "Asylum of Peace." This place is full of history! A German family named Wittmer lived here in 1932. You will discover the pirate caves and a massive face carved in stone. Be sure to admire the beautiful landscapes from this natural viewpoint.

Floreana island.
Floreana island.
Pirate caves.
Face carved in stone
La loberia Floreana island.

The “chiva” will transfer you from the highlands to the town and after a 900-meter journey you will arrive at the site called La Lobería which is full of sea lions and marine iguanas. While snorkeling here, you will be able to observe sea turtles , octopuses, and colorful fish. Don´t forget to take pictures of the landscape.

Sea Lion.
Sea turtle
Giant turtle

Depending on the itinerary of the boat, you could visit the Galapaguera where you can see the Galapagos National Park’s efforts to conserve the giant tortoises or you could pass through the place called "Devil's Crown." Please consult with our commercial advisor for more information.

Giant turtle
Marine iguana.
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The tour to Floreana island includes:

• Certified Guide (English - Spanish)
• Lunch.
• Snack.
• Towels.
• Wetsuit.
• Snorkeling equipment.

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The tour does not include:

• Sodas.
• Tips.

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