South Plaza Island

South Plaza island tour 2023.

The tour to South Plaza island in Galapagos invites you to meet one of the largest colonies of sea lions, land iguanas, marine iguanas, hybrid iguanas, birds such as the tropical bird, forked-tailed gulls, and Galapagos gulls. This small island of 11.9 hectares with an altitude of 23 meters was formed by a stream of lava, a variety of birds inhabit its steep shores and from the edges of the cliff you can enjoy a beautiful view. In addition, you can do snorkeling in Punta Carrion.

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Departure time: 08:00 am.
From: Puerto Ayora → Itabaca Canal.
Activities: 80% Hike and 20% Snorkeling.
Duration: 7 - 8 hours.
Navigation: 1:30 hours per route.
Yacht capacity: 16 people.
Includes: Long wetsuit.

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$210 Economic Yacht.
$260 Superior Yacht.
$380 Luxury Yacht.

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Map with the route of the tour to South Island from Santa Cruz Island

Map with the route of the tour to South Plaza Island from Santa Cruz Island.

People on the yacht

Travel itinerary to the South Plaza island.

The tour begins at 7:00 am, you'll go to the Itabaca channel, it takes about 40 minutes from the hotel, after boarding the yacht you'll be arriving in one hour and thirty minutes approximately to the beautiful South Plaza island.

South Plaza Island
Sea Lion

As soon as you disembark there are a lot of probabilities to see several sea lions playing in its crystal clear waters and others resting on the rocks or under the bushes.

Sea Lion resting on the rock
Yellow land iguanas.

Continuing the tour, you can see several yellow land iguanas walking under the cactus or on the rocks.

yellow land iguana on the rock
South plaza island vegetation reddish orange color

Depending on the season, the vegetation changes, in the rainy season it's an intense green color and in the dry season it changes to a reddish orange color.

South Plaza island
Galapagos gull

One of the highlights is the beautiful view it offers from its cliffs, among its rocks you can see several Galapagos gulls.

Galapagos gull
Lava lizard

Along the way, you can meet several lava lizards, marine iguanas resting on the reddish vegetation and the famous hybrid land iguanas that are the cross between a marine and a land iguana. These hybrid iguanas can only be seen on the Plazas Islands.

marine iguana
hybrid iguana
Yacht in Punta Carrion

For ending the tour, you'll go to Punta Carrión, there you'll do the snorkeling and you'll have the opportunity to observe Galapagos sharks.

Punta Carrion
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The tour to South Plaza island includes:

• Transportation Hotel - Itabaca Channel - Hotel.
• Certified Guide (English - Spanish)
• Lunch.
• Snack.
• Towels.
• Wetsuit.
• Snorkeling equipment.

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The tour does not include:

• Sodas.
• Tips.

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